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How We Work




JB Online Tutors is an online location where tutors can take action to promote their business and have optional tools available to connect with more students and amplify efforts to assist students’ growth.

Students can also create free profiles that allow them to see the contact information for JB Online tutors and to receive content from their tutors. Access to tutor content is at tutor discression and may be purchased or freely provided according to tutor/student agreements. See terms of use for details.

There are four standard packages for tutors including our free package! In addition to the four standard packages below* tutors can also contact us about customized packages that better suit their vision for online education services. If you have a vision for online educational services – our development partners can build it!

All tutors can benefit from a free listing on JB Online Tutors. Students seeing your profile can contact you directly and when you provide services you keep everything you make.

Tutors wishing to use our platform to – develop, organize and distribute content or conduct online lessons – may do so at one of three affordable monthly plans below. These plans also include search engine optimization to increase the visibility of your profile to students searching for your services. Additional plans and services may be negotiated by contacting JB Online Tutors.**